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Cat Tree

What is a cat tree

A cat tree is an artificial structure for a cat to play, exercise, relax and sleep on. Cat trees vary in height and complexity, with most cats preferring features offering height over comfort, particularly if tall enough to allow a clear survey of their territory. Some cats prefer options which offer shelter or a secluded escape, which may be at any height of the structure.
Cat trees may be the ultimate luxury for indoor cats. When outdoor cats can touch real trees, indoor cats may lose the ability to climb, sharp claws or perch high on the floor of the house in crowded places.
An indoor cat can easily decide to use furniture to meet its needs by intuition. Your sofa can easily become the target of scratching. The cat may climb up a high bookcase or bookshelf and push things down while walking. It can help meet the needs of the cat, so that your furniture and valuables will not become the target. A simple cat tree may have one or two pillars and several habitats (platforms) on which cats can rest.

Columns can be carpeted, covered with rope, or made of solid wood. They are attached to a wooden base to help maintain the stability of the tree for climbing in fierce climbing.

Cat trees may be listed in the classification. Some cat trees are very detailed. They can provide multiple climbing posts, each with a different type of cover. A cat with a luxurious cat tree can find wooden pillars covered with carpets and ropes on a cat tree.

The cat tree can also combine the popular cat apartment, a covered platform that allows the cat to hide away and hide on a post. Cat trees also vary in height, extending from the floor to the ceiling, while others are between 3 and 6 feet (91-1.83 meters) tall.

Choosing a cat tree depends largely on the behavior of your furry friends. If a cat is not easy to climb, he or she may not need a luxurious cat tree at home. On the other hand, if you find yourself often taking cats out of bookcases and bookshelves, a doctor or veterinarian may order a cat tree. A cat that uses only your furniture or curtains to grind its claws obviously needs a place to catch.

Sometimes, these needs can be met by buying a simple scratch post, which may be more attractive to cats than your sofa. Any good cat tree needs to be stable. If a cat tree or a grasping post falls down while the cat is using it, the cat may never want to use it again.

Cats are smart and alert to what used to scare them. Therefore, it is not easy to tip for finding a cat tree with a large foundation. If the tree has multiple pillars, it may be more stable than a pillar tree. You should consider how much space there is in your house to raise a cat tree, how many cats you have and how much you want to spend. Luxury cat trees cost between $200 and $500, but a cat can buy a cheaper cat tree with a simple scratch and a perch. The simplest and usually shortest cat tree can be bought for less than $100.

You must measure the cat tree where you want to place it so that you can calculate the height requirements and the space allowed by the base. If you have more than one cat, look for a cat tree, which can provide more than one scratching post and several perches. A home with two cats ensures that there are at least two pillars and two perches on the cat tree. This can reduce the quarrel between cats about which cat can enter the cat first. You can consider making a cat tree yourself, although sometimes it is also expensive. Books on building furniture for animals can help you design the perfect cat tree to meet all the climbing, scratching and habitat needs of your cat.

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