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Dog Bandanas

Why do dogs wear scarves?

Wearing scarves and clothes for dogs depends on what kind of dog it is.

There are generally two situations:

1. If it is a short haired dog such as Shapi, sausage, bullfighting and Chihuahua, it is necessary to wear a scarf and clothes when it is cold. Because their fur can't keep warm effectively in winter, dogs are used to the warm indoor temperature. When they suddenly go out and meet the cold air, they will easily catch a cold and loose their bowels.

2. If it is a long haired dog such as Husky, Samoye, Alaska, St. Bernard and Caucasus, the so-called warm clothing is icing on the cake for them. First of all, these breeds of dogs generally have two layers of inner and outer fur, which can keep warm beyond human imagination. In winter, they can also run freely in the snow without feeling cold at all. If you wear clothes for a long haired dog, during the dog's activities, the clothes and coat rub against each other, which will easily make the coat knot, airtight for a long time, and easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, whether to dress the dog and wear a scarf depends on the variety.

What do you think of an aunt in New York who keeps a dog as a baby and wears a scarf and skirt in a luxury car?

It's really warm to see this aunt raising a dog as a baby. She can do this to animals. I think she must be a loving person in her life. But I have to think about the reasons behind it. Let me briefly talk about my views:

Emotional sustenance and release of love

The greatest love and attention is not the amount of material, but real companionship. I have a distant cousin who has two children and has made little achievements. She often has to take her to live in big cities. However, she has a serious idea of moving back and forth and is always unwilling to go. She occasionally stays for a few days because she is not used to and reluctant to give up her neighbors' friends over the years.

Without the company of her children, she is a little lonely. Therefore, she actively participates in all kinds of literary and artistic activities, spends the money given by her children as much as possible, and will appropriately help other elderly people.

Old people like cousins need emotional sustenance. Without children, bosses or grandchildren around, their love will certainly be transferred. The aunt in the title is not like this. The company of these dogs will make her not feel lonely. Over time, she will be like her family. It's not too much to wear skirts and scarves for the dog.

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