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Dog Clothes

Buy clothes for dogs: how to choose the right size?

1. First measure the size of the dog. At this time, we have to choose the size of the appropriate clothes. Generally, the shopkeeper will mark the size table, so you can take your measured data into your seat. Chest circumference is the most important data in the process of buying clothes, and then combined with body length and neck circumference. Many customers think they buy clothes based on body length. In fact, it's not. Clothes are divided into long and short styles, but the bust is basically the same.

2. There are usually three ways to mark the size of clothes: the first is size 1, size 2, size 3 and size 4. The second category is 8 yards, 10 yards, 12 yards and 14 yards. The third category is SS code, s code, M code and l code. The dog is a four size dress, which is an L size and a 14 size dress compared with the other two marking methods. When we correspond to the data, if the data is close to the range of another code, try to take a larger code as much as possible, and don't expect the dog to lose weight or wear it tightly. Clothes are a layer of constraints, so try to make the dog comfortable.

When measuring the size of clothing for dogs, we must consider the proportion of space occupied by fur, not skin measurement. During the measurement, keep the dog standing and fully stretch out without arching, twisting, lying, sitting, etc. The reserved space depends on the size of the dog and should not be too large to prevent the clothes from being close to the body; It should not be too small, which will affect the movement and running after wearing.

It is best to check the measurement data twice. There will be certain changes in the specification and size of dogs due to different seasons, the amount of hair and the shape.

Extended data

Precautions when shopping for clothes for dogs:
1. Choose thin, transparent, light and simple clothes in summer, which can prevent dust from polluting the fur, and can also resist ultraviolet interference when exposed to the sun (except for dogs who need calcium supplement).
2. In winter, choose clothes that are slightly thicker, breathable and soft. On the premise that they do not affect the dog's free movement, the thicker the better. If it is too heavy, the dog can't adapt to wear and act clumsily, which weakens the resistance to external stimuli to a certain extent, blocks the exchange of internal and external air, and reduces immunity to varying degrees.
3. Raincoats and shoes with waterproof function can be selected in rainy and snowy days to avoid wetting the dog's coat.
4. The fabric of most pet clothing is made of cotton, which is soft, prevents static electricity and has good warmth retention.

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