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Dog Mat

How to use the dog sleeping mat correctly?

1. Dog sleeping mat usage:

(1) Take away the object that the dog is sleeping now, and only sleep on the mat will be rewarded.

(2) You can put the dog in a cage and put a cushion in the cage. When the dog is used to sleeping on the cushion, he will find a cushion to sleep.

(3) You can get the smell of dog favorite objects on the mat, and the dog will like to lie on it.

2. Principles for selecting sleeping mats:

(1) Material: it is best made of cotton. The advantage is that it is convenient to wash and can absorb some liquid from the dog (after bathing).

(2) Size: it is 2 to 3 times larger than a pet. The advantage is that the dog is more comfortable at rest, not easy to turn over when turning over, and more energetic after waking up.

(3) Shape: choose a nest cushion with a depression in the middle, so that the dog can sleep more stably.

(4) Style: you can choose a thicker cushion in winter and a thinner cushion in summer. You can choose according to the colors and patterns your dog likes on weekdays. The simpler the better.

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