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Dog Grooming tools

What beauty tools do you need for your dog?

Absorbent towel

For some busy owners, absorbent towels are a good helper after bathing their dogs. Because the absorbent sponge towel is not only small in volume and large in water absorption, but also does not need to be cleaned after each use. It can be reused and cleaned easily. As a necessary product for pet beauty, we should also pay attention to it when selecting. Only those with smooth surface, no harm to hair, not easy to mildew at room temperature, twist and pull resistance and high shrinkage and expansion ratio are really durable and easy to use absorbent towels.
What tools do you need to groom your dog? Do you have all the beauty tools?

hair drier

Hair dryer is a good helper to help dogs dry and clean their hair. It is also an indispensable beauty tool for dogs. Because the dog's hair is several times larger than ours, we need the help of a hair dryer to dry the dog's hair as soon as possible. If you want your dog's fur to dry faster and feel more comfortable in the blowing process, you can use a large pet hair dryer with low heat and large air volume, or an ordinary household hair dryer.

Hair plucking knife

As a special tool for dogs, the hair plucking knife can not only regularly remove dead hair and keep the dog's hair in the best state for a long time, but also accelerate the metabolic cycle of dog hair and harden the dog's hair to meet the requirements of general dog hair quality. Due to the different thickness of each part of the dog's hair, it is necessary to choose different kinds of suitable hair pulling knives for beauty work for different parts.


For many dogs or dogs who have just started bathing, the daily bathing time is their nightmare time. At that time, even the owner's comfort can't calm them down. For some grumpy dogs, there may be strong rejection or even resistance because of fear. At this time, in order to protect their own safety and give dogs smooth beauty, they need to wear masks. For a good mask, in addition to not hurting the dog, it is also required to be easy to buckle, easy to clean and not easy to fall off. In general, plastic masks with bolt buckle, easy to clean, smooth material and not easy to break off are the most suitable.

Rubber band

If you want to braid a dog's head with a lovely pigtail, a rubber band is essential. Whether it's sharing, binding, bowing or bun, we need to use large and small rubber bands. Among them, No. 7 and No. 8 rubber bands are the ones that the owner uses the longest when dressing the dog at home. In addition, according to different materials, it can also be divided into latex rubber rings that do not stick wool, do not roll paper but have slightly poor elasticity and rubber rings that are cheap in elasticity but easy to stick wool.

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