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Dog Leashes

What is the function of dog leashes?

Usually when we take the dog out for a walk, we will put the dog on the dog chain. Many dog chains are tied to the collar. If the dog accelerates, but we don't want it to run too fast, we hold it so that the collar will catch the dog's neck and make it uncomfortable. So shoulder straps may be more suitable for dogs than collars, so let's learn about the role of dog shoulder straps.

First, we need to know what shoulder straps are. The dog's shoulder strap is 8-shaped. Let the dog put his forelimb into the 8-shaped two circles and then connect it with the traction rope at the back, which is similar to the backpack strap.

So why are shoulder straps better for dogs? In short, the contact area between the shoulder strap and the dog's body is relatively large. When leading the dog, the dogs under force on the shoulder strap are relatively uniform, so that the dog will wear it better than Jennifer. Moreover, the force point of the shoulder strap is not completely concentrated on the dog's neck, so the dog is relatively more willing to wear it, which avoids the stress around the neck when the dog rushes forward, making the dog feel more Jennifer.

The dog shoulder strap is a restraint tool, especially when wearing the shoulder strap outdoors and pulling the traction rope, it can better control the dog within the safety range and prevent safety problems.

Therefore, we recommend the shoulder strap to be better than the thinking dog, because it can well evacuate the pressure point, make the dog more Jennifer, and effectively prevent neck damage.

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