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Dog Toys

How to choose toys for dogs

Pet dogs are naturally fond of games. For them, a childhood without toys is an unfortunate childhood. Toys can help dogs relieve mental stress, vent excess energy and physical strength, and grind their teeth when they change teeth. It can be said that a good toy is the "protector" of the items in the owner's home. Choosing a suitable toy for the dog is beneficial to both the dog and the owner.

1. Choose safe toys. When playing with toys, dogs will bite toys more or less, and some will bite toys and shake their heads constantly. In case of weak toys, such biting will "divide the toys into five parts", and the fragments of these toys may become "invisible killers" endangering dogs. Once these fragments get stuck in the dog's throat, they are likely to lead to death. To make the dog have fun, the owner can rest assured that the toys prepared for the dog should be some hard rubber or nylon, which is durable and should not be bitten. For those dogs who don't like biting, the owner can try to give them some canvas or plush toys. These toys are soft and not easy to tear. For dogs that have no aggressive biting behavior at all, give them some soft rubber toys.

2. Different dogs need different toys. Dogs of different genders like different toys. For large working dogs with high vigilance, such as Rowena, German shepherd dog and Doberman, their favorite toys are big, bite and pull resistant toys. For them, pulling and biting toys can not only be fun, but also exercise their physical fitness and biting skills. While the golden haired itinerant dogs, Labradors and other gun hunting dogs with retriever lineage prefer ball games. Dogs who have always had a strong nature of holding and taking can run around chasing the ball for an hour. In this way, dogs have no time and energy to do damage.

matters needing attention

Before choosing toys for your dog, you should first understand their personality and hobbies, otherwise it will make the dog dislike it very much

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