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Dog Collars

How to choose a suitable collar for dog?

For women, buying a dog collar is like buying a bag for themselves. They all think it looks good, but they want to choose the best one
For men, buying a collar for a dog is like buying clothes for themselves. Whether it looks good or not is the most important thing
But for both men and women, few people have paid attention to its material and function except for its appearance.
The ultimate guide to purchasing dog collars


When it comes to choosing a collar, the first thing to know is the size
First measure its neck circumference with a soft ruler. After obtaining the data, add 5cm to the data to get a collar that makes the dog comfortable
So the question is, why increase 5cm? This is to give the dog more space in the neck, but not so loose that the collar slips out of the dog's head. Of course, small dogs can be reduced and large dogs can be increased as appropriate
As long as it can ensure that two fingers can be put in when the dog wears the collar, the size of the collar is safe and appropriate for the dog
Next, enter the ocean of collars. Let's take a look at the three most common types of collars

Training collar

Why is this kind of collar fixed together by two iron chains?
The answer is very simple. This collar is specially designed for training dogs. It can prevent the dog from suffocating due to excessive pulling when making mistakes. At the same time, because it is mostly made of nylon, it is a good choice for long haired dogs
If you are going to train your puppy from the beginning, this collar is a good choice

Reflective collar

This collar is specially designed for dogs who go out late at night and early in the morning
Some reflective collars also have led light strips, which can be seen by passers-by even at night. However, it should be noted that in fact, the most common styles of many big brand collars also have the function of reflective strips
So zipper suggestion: instead of buying a reflective collar, it's better to buy a big brand ordinary collar

Waterproof collar

Unfortunately, this kind of waterproof collar, which is very common in foreign countries, is very rare in China
Of course, this is related to the daily dog walking habits of domestic dog owners, which will not be repeated here. It should be noted that the quality of professional waterproof collar is really affordable. It can not only prevent the collar from being soaked in water, but also greatly slow down the mildew in the collar caused by rain
Let's look at the material difference of the collar


This material is very soft and feels great
It's a very comfortable choice for dogs, and it's also a great choice for dogs with allergic skin. Coupled with the characteristics of the material, it can absorb water quickly, so it is suitable for dogs who like swimming and have no way to buy waterproof collars
Of course, it also has disadvantages, high price and large overall shape, so it is not suitable for small dogs

iron chain

This kind of collar is only recommended for old drivers. Mengxin doesn't recommend buying it
Suffocation deaths caused by iron chain collars occur every year, especially when the dog is alone at home, do not use this collar for it
Although it has many advantages, such as durability, not easy to breed bacteria and so on, its disadvantages obviously outweigh its advantages


This is our most common collar material
Nylon combined with printing technology can produce all kinds of collars, and can also produce all kinds of functional collars according to actual needs, such as the reflective collars mentioned above
The advantages of nylon are cheap, many choices and beautiful colors. The disadvantage is that it is easy to become the base camp of bacteria, not durable, and the cleaning process is complex


It is said that the first collar in the world was made of genuine leather
It should be noted that there are still many differences between leather and artificial leather. Leather is more breathable than artificial leather, and daily care is simpler
However, if the artificial leather is maintained as real leather, it will stink and even rot from the inside after a few days. However, if the leather is not properly maintained, these problems will also occur
So zipper suggestion: if you are a dog owner who pursues the quality of life, genuine leather is your best choice; If you have all kinds of things to do every day like zip

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