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Dog Harness

How to choose and use dog harness ?

As more and more people keep pets in the city, in order to prevent disturbing public security, as dog owners, we should be prepared in advance. Before raising a pet dog, we should prevent and train the dog to use this kind of auxiliary equipment. In addition to the collar, dog harness and leash used to regulate action, it also includes toys to induce the dog to complete the task, as well as food and snacks to reward the dog.

Many novices will hesitate to choose the dog traction rope. Today, Berupet will tell you how to choose the appropriate dog harness for the dog and use it correctly!

Firstly, the instruments used to regulate the dog's range of action are divided into collar, dog harness and traction rope.

Collar and traction rope are very important auxiliary tools for training dogs. Different dogs can choose collars and traction ropes of different materials. However, it should be reminded that the collar will make the dog's neck uncomfortable and easy to break free, resulting in the inability to effectively control the forward running dogs, so many owners will not choose.

However, the collar will not be eliminated because under the basic collar style, according to the principle of dog behavior training and some additional design, the collar can become an auxiliary equipment suitable for dog training.

The traction rope will damage the hair of the dog's neck, and some small dogs will hurt their throat and trachea due to the impact of the collar.
Then remember to pay attention to the following three points~

1. Try to choose a Y-shaped dog harness in front of your chest.

How to choose and use dog chest strap?
The principle of this is similar to the collar, because there are various organs in the dog's neck. If it is tied with a belt, it will still cause damage to the dog's neck. Choose a Y-shaped dog harness on the front chest, which can see the pressure on the dog's neck. After putting on the dog harness, take the dog for a walk to see if the strap in front of the chest will lift up to the dog's neck.

2. The dog harness shall not be stuck under the armpit of the dog.

The armpit of a dog is also a fragile place. If it is stuck under the armpit, it will restrict the dog's movement when walking.

3. It does not affect the scapula.

Dogs are different from people. There is no restriction on the clavicle, which allows the dog's front legs to have a wider range of movement. Therefore, the muscles near the dog's shoulders are easy to become stiff and tight.

Go and choose a suitable harness for your dog, which can not only effectively control the dog's action, but also won't cause harm to the dog!

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