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Pet Bowls

How to choose the right dog bowl ?

Dogs eat and drink water every day, so dog bowl is the most commonly used tool for dogs. But the most commonly used dog bowl may be dirtier than the toilet if you don't pay attention to it. The year of the rat is coming. Does the excrement shoveling officer plan to change a new dog bowl for the dog for the new year? What kind of dog bowl is suitable for dogs?

Select the dog bowl according to the dog's breed

1. Large dogs or dogs with long ears

If your dog has a long nose or ears, you should choose a deeper dog bowl for him. If the dog bowl is shallow, long nosed dogs, such as dachshunds or greyhounds, will have difficulty eating the contents of the bowl because of the limitation of the nose. In addition, dogs with long ears, such as basset hounds or Cocker dogs, often drag their ears into the dog bowl when they eat. Deep bowls can avoid these troubles for dogs.
Some dogs eat too hard or like to pick the dog bowl, which is easy to overturn the dog bowl. In this regard, the excrement shovel officer can buy a bowl with a rubber base to prevent this from happening.

2. Small dogs or dogs with short noses

Conversely, if your dog is small or has a flat face, deep bowls may make it difficult for the dog to eat the bottom food. Therefore, the excrement shoveler needs to provide these dogs with a shallow dog bowl. For Bulldogs, boxers, or other dogs with flat faces, eating in shallow bowls can help relieve pressure on their necks and throats.

3. Dogs with arthritis and old age

If your dog has arthritis or is older, the excrement shoveler can buy an elevated tray for your dog. This can make dogs with neck, back or other joint problems more comfortable at dinner. The dog can eat food without bending down, which can reduce the pressure on the affected part of the dog. But if your dog is small, don't choose too high a tray.

In addition, raising the dog bowl can also help relieve nausea in dogs with megaesophagus. Megaesophagus is a disease in which the esophagus of animals becomes softer and larger over time, making it difficult for them to swallow food.

Select dog bowl by material

1. Stainless steel dog bowl

Stainless steel dog bowl is a good choice because it is more durable and wear-resistant. First, dogs are unlikely to bite or break the stainless steel dog bowl. In addition, the stainless steel bowl is easy to clean and disinfect, and the price is not expensive. But in winter, because of the cold weather, the dog's tongue may be stuck to the cold dog bowl, resulting in pain or injury. It is recommended that the owner replace the dog with a ceramic or plastic dog bowl in winter.

2. Ceramic dog bowl

Ceramic bowls may be more popular with dogs because they have a variety of colors and patterns. Moreover, the ceramic bowl is relatively heavy, which is difficult for general dogs to overturn. However, once the ceramic dog bowl is overturned, it is likely to crack or break.

Ceramic tableware will contain lead glaze. If the dog bowl is cracked, the lead glaze may penetrate into water or food, resulting in lead poisoning. Similarly, these cracks are also breeding places for bacteria and viruses. Therefore, once there are cracks in the ceramic dog bowl, the owner had better stop using it.

3. Plastic Dog Bowl

Plastic dog bowl is cheaper and lighter, and there are various styles. However, plastic dog bowls are the same as ceramic bowls. If there are cracks, it is easy to hide bacteria, and a large number of harmful substances will be released. Chemicals such as bisphenol A (BPA) and dioxin in plastic can easily lead to damage to the dog's cardiovascular system, brain function and even cancer. Some plastic bowls can also cause skin allergies, especially near the chin and face.

4. Glass dog bowl

Some excrement shovelers will feed and drink water directly from their home bowls, and glass may be a convenient choice. As long as the glass is not broken, it is safe for dogs. But glass is easy to break. Even small pieces or cracks can cut the dog's tongue and easily hide bacteria.

It should be noted that no matter what kind of dog bowl is made of, the owner should clean the dog bowl for the dog after each meal, especially the dog bowl containing water, raw meat or wet food. Even if the dog eats dry food, its saliva may bring bacteria. It is best to wash it once a day.

If the dog bowl is not cleaned often, the amount of bacteria in it is amazing. Common bacteria in dog bowls include Escherichia coli, Salmonella and Staphylococcus aureus. These bacteria will not only exchange and reproduce with the bacteria in the dog's mouth, but also have the opportunity to be brought into the owner's body with the close contact between the owner and the pet, affecting the owner's health. If you don't wash the dog bowl often, you may suffer from zoonosis.

If the dog bowl has been used for a long time, the excrement shovel officer can take advantage of this to change a new dog bowl for the dog, so that they can eat happily and healthily in the new year~

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